Although options are best known for their application to the stock market, they can be used to take advantage of movements in commodity prices too

What Are Commodities

So what are commodities and what is the best way to trade them? In general terms, commodites are physical goods that are usually used as raw materials in the production of other goods or services. Not only so, but in their own class, though they come from different producers, these raw materials are all the […]

Commodity Options Software

Researching commodity options software, we looked for something that will provide both charting and also a trading platform for trading options on a wide range of commodities such as currencies, energies, financials, indexes, meats, metals and soft foods, to name a few. We’ve provided a video at the bottom of this page which describes a […]

Precious Metals ETF

Precious metals ETF options are an interesting alternative for those who prefer to keep their trading portfolio simple. By ‘simple’ we mean not specifically trading commodity futures options on the CBOE but staying with stock exchange based trading instead. The thing about commodity futures options on precious metals is, that the calculation of your investment […]

Gold Options Trading

Three Ways To Do Gold Options Trading – and a Fourth Way if that Doesn’t Work for You 1. Options on Futures Gold options trading is designed to take advantage of price movements in the global price of gold in such a way that limits risk and magnifies profits in proportion to the amount invested. […]

How to Trade Futures Options

How to Trade Futures Options When The Deals are all so Diverse Learning how to trade futures options is a little more complex than learning stock options. The main reason for this, in addition to the normal things you need to know about stock options, with commodities you have to add the additional feature of […]

Oil Futures Options

Follow the Price of Oil and Profit with Oil Futures Options The existence of unique financial instruments known as oil futures options allow many investors to turn this precious resource into an investment that brings a return without all of the risk normally found in the futures market. The distinction between futures and options are […]

Futures vs Options

The Key Differences Between Futures vs Options To understand the difference between futures vs options trading, we should explain exactly how they differ. Both are called ‘derivatives’ because they derive their value from an underlying market. Both involve leverage, exercise prices and expiration dates. But there are some fundamental differences between futures and options that […]

Trading Commodity Options

Trading Commodity Options – More Efficient Than Trading the Stock Trading Commodity Options has some distinct advantages over trading stocks of companies that deal in those commodities. Many people these days are focused on the stock market due to its popularity and general proliferation of information. But if they’re interested in say, gold, for example […]

Commodity Options and Futures

Trading Commodity Options and Futures. Commodity options are options having a commodity like wheat, gold, silver, crude oil, and many other goods as the underlying. For example a gold options contract gives the owner the right to buy or sell a nominated quantity of gold for the price specified in the contract. These type of […]

Commodity Futures Options

An Introduction to Commodity Futures Options Commodity Futures Options are options having as the underlying asset, a futures contract on commodities like wheat, gold, silver, crude oil, and a number of other goods – even financial goods such as treasury bonds and foreign currencies. For example a gold futures contract gives the owner the right […]

Commodity Futures Options Trading Course

My Wishlist For a Commodity Futures Options Trading Course The preferred commodity futures options trading course is one which not only helps you to understand the “where” and “how” you can trade commodity options, but also describes the kind of option trading strategies that work best for commodities. The commodities market is the same thing […]

Futures and Options Trading

Futures and Options Trading – How They Are Different Futures and options trading are two of the best known derivatives used on the financial markets today. But each of them have their own peculiar set of characteristics, which must be clearly understood before an aspiring trader risks precious funds on them. If we were to […]

Commodity Option Trading System

Know Your Commodity Before you Implement Any Commodity Option Trading System The best commodity option trading system is one that suits the kind of market environment in which you are trading. Commodity prices are well known to be extremely volatile and unpredictable at times. All you have to do is compare long term charts of […]

Gold Bullion Coins for Investment

During fiscal difficulties, a number of people choose different investment opportunities. The stock exchange is home to most investment opportunities made in the business climate of today. However, more and more people are switching to gold as a way to invest in the future. Below is some information if you’re thinking about buying gold bullion […]

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