How to Profit Like a Pro Trader

In trading, timing is critical. Especially in this connected world where news and information fly at the speed of light… and your competition is a giant, faceless investment bank with a high-frequency trading desk that makes millions of bogus orders in a second. So there’s little wonder traders feel like they have to set up […]

Why the Option Delta is Crucial When Picking Trades

If you want to trade options that have the best chance of giving you 100 percent return on investment then finding a stock that’s going to make a move is the key. Stocks that trade sideways are fine for non-directional trades, but if you’re a directional trader then you probably like to predict which way […]

What are the Best Options to Buy?

Knowing what are the best options to buy, is one of those questions that often arises among options traders. If you’re ready to buy a call or put option on a specific stock, we’ll assume you’ve already done your due diligence on the charts. You’ve pinpointed any and all support or resistance levels that could […]

Barrier Options

Defining Barrier Options and How to Use Them Barrier options are defined by a particular price point, or barrier. When the price of the underlying asset such as a stock, reaches this point, the option either comes into existence or ceases. As such, it is among the more exotic types of derivative because these don’t […]

Stock Option Contracts

 A Brief Definition of Stock Option Contracts and How They are Priced Stock option contracts are effectively a legal arrangement that allows the holder to buy or sell an agreed security or asset (called “the underlying”) for an agreed price, up to an agreed expiration date. The agreed price is called the “strike price”. There […]

How Do Stock Options Work

How Do Stock Options Work and What Are Their Advantages? How do stock options work, you ask? The answer to that is somewhat involved but if you stay with us for a moment, you’ll find it most interesting. In its simplest form, buying stock options is a way of trading stocks on steroids – but […]

Options Trading Tutorial

The Options Trading Tutorial That Really Delivers If you’ve come to this page you’re probably looking for an options trading tutorial that will teach you all you need to know in order to make option trading a consistently profitable experience. You may even be someone who has been financially burnt from trading options before and […]

Option Greeks

Option Greeks – The Key to Making the Best Option Strategies Work The Option Greeks are a selection of five Greek letters which have been chosen to represent the components that make up the calculation of the price of an option contract at any given time. Once you start trading stocks and options, you’re going […]

Binary Options Trading

Watch this binary options trading video first. You’ll see how someone makes $593 in just under one hour from 7 small trades. Then read on to learn more . . . . . The Unique Properties of Binary Options Trading Binary options trading is not like regular options investing, even though it carries the same […]

Options Trading Training

The Kind of Options Trading Training That Sets You Up For Consistent Profits So you’d like to begin options trading training but aren’t sure where the best place to start is? That’s not an uncommon problem. There are any number of courses out there that will promise you spectacular profits if you just follow their […]

Option Trading Information

What Kind of Option Trading Information Will Help You the Most? Option trading information is out there aplenty on the internet – some of it is a waste of time while other information is quite educational. But for someone typing this expression into a search engine, my guess is that they would most likely be […]

Call Option Trading

Popular Call Option Trading Strategies Call option trading is only one side of the option trading coin and therefore only completes half the picture when it comes to the possibilities with options. Nevertheless, even on its own, call option trading can be a powerful ally. The beauty of options trading is that you can take […]

Option Trading Advice

Some Option Trading Advice for Any Aspiring Trader Those looking for option trading advice are usually either fairly new to the options market, or are experienced traders having some difficulty with their current trades and are hoping for an answer. If you are among the first category you are probably looking for some advice about […]

Options Delta

Add the Options Delta to Your Trading Arsenal The term “options delta” is one of what are commonly called “the Greeks” in option trading, but understanding its significance can make a big difference to your trading decisions. In its simplest form, the delta is a number which describes the relationship between the movement in the […]

Make Money Option Trading

You Can’t Make Money Option Trading Until You Master These Things First To make money option trading it is absolutely vital you understand a few essentials. Firstly, option trading while offering wonderful financial rewards due to the leverage that comes with them, can also be the easiest way to wipe out an entire trading bank. […]

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