David Valllieres and XTR ProTrader

The XTR ProTrader signals and education service by master trader, David Vallieres, would have to be one of the most exciting new services for options traders that I have seen. David has been trading stocks and options since he was a young man in the 1980s. Later, David did very well in another enterprise and […]

Index Leap Option Strategy Trading

Hedge Your Portfolio With This Index Leap Option Strategy Trading ETFs Many investors who are saving for their retirement believe in the “buy-and-hold” philosophy using a combination of index and mutual funds. Unfortunately, this methodology means always being fully-invested in a market that can move to the downside at inopportune times. Luckily, index LEAPS can […]

How to Use the VIX

Knowing how to use the VIX should be essential for all option traders whose portfolio of positions may be affected by general market sentiment. The reason is, because the VIX, or volatility index, represents the average implied volatilty in all options traded over the underlying shares that make up the famous S&P 500 index in […]

Index Call Options

Index call options are a simple, yet generally stable, way to trade options. Stock indexes are more inclined to trade in predictable trends than individual company stocks – and for this reason, can provide a good option trading strategy. Assuming you believe the index will rise in the near future, your most profitable strategy might […]

What Is An Index Option

So what is an index option and how does it differ from other financial instruments? To answer this question, we need to set the background with a little bit of history. Stock indexes have been around for a long time, the most notable of which is the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) which featured prominently […]

Index Options Vs ETF Options

When you’re trying to decide about index options vs ETF options, you might initially have a hard time figuring out which one is best. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. So let’s explore these differences. You should look at what you are receiving as well as how everything is going to work for you. […]

ETF Options Trading

Grow a Small Account Quickly with ETF Options Trading ETF Options Trading when combined with the right options strategy, can be one of the best and safest ways to profit consistently from the financial markets. Here, we’re going to explore some of the reasons why. Firstly, ETFs, which is an acronym for Exchange Traded Funds, […]

Using the VIX Index

Using the VIX Index to Enhance Your Trading Using the VIX index gives you a clear trading advantage. The VIX acts like a barometer for the fear and greed that the broad market base of market players are feeling and as such, can be used as a tool to help you get a feel for […]

Trading Index Options

Some Advantages of Trading Index Options Over Stock Options Trading index options was first made available to investors in 1981. The concept of trading index options is that they are not comprised of one stock, but rather made up of an index that has many stocks. Investors and market speculators trade these types of options […]

Stock Index Options

What Stock Index Options are and The Best Way to Trade Them If you’re interested in trading stock index options, it pays to know what they are and how they differ from normal stock options. With that covered, the question remains whether stock index options are really the better alternative to their counterpart – the […]

Index Options Advisory Service

What a Good Index Options Advisory Service Can Do For You There could be a number of reasons you’re looking for an index options advisory service, but I suspect the primary one would be to find some guidance about the future direction of the major stock market indices, with a view to trading them. The […]

Index Option Trading

The Benefits and Preferred Methods for Index Option Trading One of the primary benefits that distinguishes index option trading, is that the price action is much more stable than it is for individual stocks. The shares of an individual company may unpredictably skyrocket or plummet overnight as a result of breaking news such as an […]

Index Options Calculator

Finding a Good Index Options Calculator Without Paying For It To be effective, a good index options calculator needs to be able to determine two important things: 1. The amount you would receive at expiry date if the option contract expires ‘in-the-money’ and it is cash settled. 2. The relationship between price movements in the […]

OEX Option Trading

OEX Option Trading Has Some Clear Advantages Before we launch into the subject of OEX Option Trading, we need to establish a foundation for the subject. The $OEX is the code that represents the Standard & Poors 100 (S&P100) which is an index of the top large cap 100 companies listed on stock exchanges in […]

Spider Options Trading

Spider Options Trading – A Better Alternative Than S&P500 Index Options Spider options trading is a term used to describe a trading strategy focussed on option contracts associated with an exchange traded fund (ETF) commonly known as “The Spider” (or Spyder). This ETF is one of the biggest investment funds in the USA and exists […]

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