Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott wave theory is one of the most exciting of all technical analysis tools. Once you see how this works, it will change the way you trade forever. While many traders complain about not making any money, there are some who do – and these traders will often be talking about “what wave we are […]

Price Consolidation

Never Underestimate the Importance of Price Consolidation One of my favourite trading strategies is waiting for breakouts from price consolidation. The term “consolidation” refers to a sideways movement of price action within a narrow range for at least 5 days. Price consolidation often occurs around support and resistance points and once breached, can form one […]

Stock Market Trend Analysis

Stock market trend analysis is not a difficult skill to learn. Identifying a trend is the easy part. The real challenge lies in being able to determine whether the trend will continue or if it is about to reverse. You’ve probably heard the well known expression “the trend is your friend” and so it is […]

INO Stock News

The Best Part About INO Stock News is, That it’s Free If you’re an option trader, or any kind of trader for that matter, you should never try and do it all alone. Trading can be a lonely profession and this is why it helps to enjoy the benefits of a trading community. Enlisting the […]

Channel Pattern Trading for Analyzing Price Charts

Channel pattern trading is one of the easiest technical analysis techniques to implement – and the good news is, that on average, most financial instruments will channel at least 20 percent of the time. In fact, rather than drawing trend lines on your chart, the first choice should always be to look for a channel […]

Fibonacci Percentages

Important Facts and Information about Fibonacci Percentages The Fibonacci Percentages are primarily based upon the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, one of which (0.618) is known as “the golden ratio” because it occurs many times in nature. The Fibonacci sequence actually appeared first as a solution in the Liber Abaci‚Äôs problem. In 1202, a book was […]

Bollinger Band Trading and Price Chart Analysis

Bollinger Band Trading – Your Number One Support Tool for Options Bollinger band trading is all about volatility. This indicator provides a great deal of information, including a graphical representation of how volatile the current price action of any given security is. Understanding how price volatility works and how you can take advantage of it […]

Exponential Moving Average

Entry and Exit Signals Using the Exponential Moving Average The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is an oscillator that is calculated from the closing price of an asset for a given time period. The number of closing prices that are required will depend on your own choice and will affect its sensitivity to the price action. […]

The Stochastic Indicator

Using the Stochastic Indicator The Correct Way The Stochastic indicator, often called CStats, is a chart study that is all too misunderstood in the trading community. The original Stochastic oscillator was created by Dr. George C. Lane. Now oscillators are calculated using the Open, High, Low and Close values of a security’s price action. It […]

RSI Indicator

Why the RSI Indicator May be One of Your Most Powerful Options Trading Allies This is about the RSI Indicator and how it can be used to influence your option trading decisions. The RSI is a “momentum indicator” and as such, is mainly used to confirm whether a trend is likely to continue or whether […]

Island Cluster Reversal Pattern

How We Could Trade Island Cluster Reversal Patterns Let’s start by identifying what a Island Cluster Reversals are. You may be familiar with the term “island reversal” – which is where a gap forms or a chart at the top or bottom of a trend, on either side of the reversal day. Well the Island […]

Wedge Chart Pattern

The Rising and Falling Wedge Chart Pattern Identifying and trading the wedge chart pattern helps spot trend reversals, price target and new support or resistance areas. To begin with, let’s take a look at the Falling Wedge. This chart pattern has a similar look to it as the symmetrical triangle, in that it has two […]

Flag Chart Pattern

How You Can Use the Flag Chart Pattern for Your Options Trades The big advantage with flag chart patterns, is that they allow you to anticipate price targets for the underlying stock, commodity, currency or index that you’re trading options on. This one feature alone can allow you to achieve maximum profit potential from the […]

Double Tops and Bottoms

Double Tops and Bottoms – One of the Most Reliable Chart Patterns to Trade The main thing to remember with double tops and bottoms, is that they are located – and are most powerful – at the end of a rising or falling trend. They are in fact, well known as classic reversal patterns. There […]

Head and Shoulders Pattern

Classic Price Reversals – Head and Shoulder Patterns The head and shoulders pattern is widely known as a strong indication of impending price action reversal. By its very nature, it always appears at the top of an uptrend, although it’s alter ego, the inverse head and shoulders, makes its appearance at the bottom of a […]

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