Earnings Report Definition

So what’s a good earnings report definition and why is it important for options traders? An earnings report is something that is required by corporations law and is the way that publicly listed companies report their earnings to shareholders. These report typically include an income statement, a balance sheet and statement of cash flows for […]

Stock Option Trading Information

Stock option trading information is plentiful on the internet, but most of it is general in nature. Options are normally perceived as a high risk investment with potential high return on investment, which is why most people consider them to be tantamount to gambling. But did you know that there are a number of low […]

Stock Options Implied Volatility

What You Should Know About Stock Options Implied Volatility Stock options implied volatility is one of those terms you so often hear, but understanding its significance can be critical to a successful trading outcome. In fact, some traders believe in it so much that they are known as “volatility traders”. Directional trading (predicting the future […]

US Stock Options

Why US Stock Options Are So Much Easier The US stock market is the largest in the world and consequently us stock options are among the most liquid and highly traded of all leveraged instruments. Compared to other countries like Australia and Europe, the US options market dwarfs them by comparison and due to popular […]

Daily Stock Market Options Trading

The Three Faces of Daily Stock Market Options Trading Daily stock market options trading could mean different things to different people, depending on where you’re coming from, so let’s break it down into a three main areas and deal with each one separately: (1) Day Trading (2) Short Term Trading (3) Option Strategies – monitored […]

Stock Option Trading Course

Things You Should Expect in a Real Stock Option Trading Course In searching for a great stock option trading course you will come across some wild and amazing claims that promise to turn a few thousand dollars into over a hundred thousand – in exchange for a princely sum to learn the “secret”. Most of […]

Selling Stock Options

Selling Stock Options – Is it the Holy Grail of Investments? Those who make a living selling stock options believe that it is pretty darn close. Probably the closest an investor will ever get to the long sought “Holy Grail of Investments” or what is considered to be the ideal investment. Let’s take a look […]

Stock Option Pricing

Why Understanding Stock Option Pricing is Vital to Success Stock option pricing is one of those subjects that any aspiring trader should clearly understand before venturing into the world of options trading. Options are not like other derivatives such as futures or CFDs in that their pricing components are much more complex. So let’s explore […]

Stock Option Trading Strategy

Which Stock Option Trading Strategy Works Best? The best stock option trading strategy is one with a high degree of certainty for consistent profits. To achieve this, you should be prepared to accept a profit level that is less than the maximum potential. This is vital. There is a saying among traders that “greedy pigs […]

What is a Stock Option

What is a Stock Option and Why Isn’t Everyone Using Them? Answering the question “what is a stock option?” really falls into two broad categories: 1. Stock options listed and traded on stock exchanges 2. Employee stock options. Exchange Traded Stock Options Stock options give the holder the right but not the obligation, to buy […]

How to Trade Stock Options

How to Trade Stock Options Depends on You Learning how to trade stock options could be one of the best decisions of your life. Or it could be a disaster. How that turns out for you will depend on a number of factors – and these are all up to you. The Psychological Factor Who […]

Stock Option Day Trading

The Benefits and Risks of Stock Option Day Trading Stock option day trading is about opening and closing options positions within the same trading session on any given day. It is a very short term, intraday method of trading with the added benefit of using leveraged instruments such as stock options instead of taking actual […]

Inside Days Trading

The Inside Days Trading Strategy – How it Works The inside days trading strategy is a powerful day trading strategy that has even been promoted by some as ‘the one trading secret that can make you rich’. The strategy is primarily based around stock trading, but could just as easily be adapted to more leveraged […]

Debit Spread Example

With This Debit Spread Example You Make Money Even When the Stock Goes Against You Option debit spreads can be a very useful and in some cases, lifesaving tool when trading. The following debit spread example shows how that, even when the price of the underlying financial instrument goes against you, you can still make […]

Bottom Fishing Stocks

Bottom Fishing Stocks Using Options Bottom fishing stocks is a term used to describe a stock purchasing strategy which focuses on shares in a company whose stock has taken a large and decisive price dive accompanied by notably increased volume. The general idea is that the explosive volume tends to wash out the sellers from […]

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