Option Trading Basics

Some Option Trading Basics That Any Aspiring Trader Needs to Know Once you become aware of option trading basics and the many things you can do with options, the world of option trading is suddenly very fascinating indeed! The beauty of options lies in their flexibility. You can do almost anything with them – and […]

Option Trading For a Living

Option Trading For a Living – Is it Really That Simple? The very idea of option trading for a living is appealing in itself. It conjures thoughts of sacking your boss, working (if you can call it that) from home, making a few decisions each day and watching the profits roll in while you enjoy […]

Beginner in Option Trading

Important Tips For the Beginner in Option Trading For those of you who may be only a beginner in option trading and just starting out on your journey of discovery, we have a few important tips here for you. If you take heed, they could mean the difference between substantial and consistent profits and wiping […]

Understanding Option Trading

Understanding Option Trading – Why it is The Best and Safest Derivative Understanding option trading and its fundamentals should be “required knowledge” if you want to be a successful trader. Options are one of a number of things called “derivatives” and are called this because their price is “derived” from the price movements in an […]

Risks of Options Trading

How to Turn the Risks of Options Trading to Your Advantage With any business venture there are always risks – and the risks of options trading are no different. Understanding these risks is crucial to successful trading. In fact, launching boldly into the world of options trading without knowing what you’re up against, is like […]

Option Paper Trading

Why Option Paper Trading is Critical to Success Option paper trading is a term used to describe the way we would test an option trading system without using real money. There are some major benefits in doing this. 1. You get to prove to yourself whether the system you have chosen or been taught, is […]

What is Option Trading?

What Is Option Trading and How Can We Make Money From It? So what is option trading, you ask? Options are one class of a number of financial instruments known as derivatives. They are called “derivatives” because their price action is derived from the price action of another “underlying” financial instrument. The most commonly known […]

Option Swing Trading

Option Swing Trading is Easy to Learn Option Swing Trading focusses on using one of the oldest and most popular trading methods for trading the markets. It was popularized by the legendary W.D. Gann in the early 20th century, who made millions on the stock market after defining his own unique set of rules and […]

Online Stock Option Trading

Online stock option trading – it’s the way of the future Online stock option trading is now possible today thanks to one of the best developments of the late 20th century – the advent of the internet. It has opened up the world to so many people and provided alternative means of communication and sources […]

Option Volatility

Option Volatility – A Powerful Indicator in Trading The concept of option volatility is one of the most little understood and under utilised in option trading. But knowing about it can make all the difference to the profitability or otherwise, of your trading decisions. It should also be very influential in the type of trades […]

Learning Option Trading

Learning option trading means understanding what options are. Options are commonly known as “derivatives” because the Options market is a market which is “derived” from another market. The most commonly known options are derivatives of the share market, but you can also have options on commodity futures such as gold, silver, sugar, wheat or pork […]

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