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Things You Should Expect in a Real Stock Option Trading Course

In searching for a great stock option trading course you will come across some wild and amazing claims that promise to turn a few thousand dollars into over a hundred thousand – in exchange for a princely sum to learn the “secret”. Most of these I have found to be unrealistic, or based on option trading systems that are either too open-ended and subjective, or turn you more into a day or short term trader than a low risk, low stress smart trader.

Many a stock option trading course will rely on the fact that you need to anticipate the future direction of the market AND get the timing right. This will involve understanding chart patterns and indicators, drawing trendlines, having a source that supplies data about the fundamentals of the market – and then hope that whatever option trading strategy you’re employing, the market will either move fast enough or slow enough to achieve your objectives.

If you’re only a beginner with options, this may be where you are right now. If so, I suggest you enlist some serious help by using a service that will scan the entire market and analyze stocks for you. One of the best I’ve found is MarketClub and they are currenly allowing potential members to test drive their facilities with full access for 30 days for only $8.95.

Stock Option Trading Course – Essential Ingredient

stock option trading course

I believe the best type of stock option trading course will show you how to take advantage of the one certainty that comes with options – expiration and time decay. Future market direction is always uncertain but the fact that all option contracts expire at some point, is the one ultimate certainty.


The other thing a reliable trading course should do, is teach you a system that doesn’t rely on your ability to predict the future, but rather, to react to the past. The best traders don’t make a consistent income because they’re good at predictions or getting the timing right, but because they know how to adjust their positions once they observe what has already happened.

Would you rather be the kind of trader that needs to sit in front of your live charts on a daily basis so you can be ready for when the market is about to turn, or resume its trend, in the hope of making a killing by entering and exiting positions “at the right time” . . . or would you prefer an approach where you simply check the charts at the end of each day and decide whether you need to adjust your positions, knowing that when you do so, it will not only add to your existing profit potential, but that each day, the market will be paying you a sum of money just for “being there”?

If I was new to option trading, I would also want a course that gives me a good understanding of “the basics” so that I know how options work and where the risks are.

For the above reasons, the best stock option trading course I have seen, is the Trading Pro System. It was developed by veteran trader David Vallieres and is the result of over 25 years experience in the markets. With the technology and analysis tools that are freely available today in places like the ThinkorSwim trading platform and those supplied by similar brokers, you can take advantage of the one certainty about options and make a regular, low stress, time tested income. It may not promise sudden and spectacular gains but it will show you how to steadily grow your account, month by month.

The Trading Pro System comes almost entirely in video format, which in my opinion, makes it a more enjoyable way of learning than reading e-books. It also comes with a series of “wealth building” capstone video files that give you additional insight into methods that provide longer term wealth, in addition to a monthly income stream.

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