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What a Good Index Options Advisory Service Can Do For You

There could be a number of reasons you’re looking for an index options advisory service, but I suspect the primary one would be to find some guidance about the future direction of the major stock market indices, with a view to trading them.

The next question of course would be, on what exchanges and which countries would you be looking for your index options advisory service? My suggestion is, go for the place that has the largest market in the world and the most liquid index options. That would have to be the USA. It is not only the place where you’ll find the most indices to trade, but the “American Style” options trading system means that you can close out your positions at any time up until expiration date – unlike their European brothers across the Atlantic.

Since the USA is the largest stock market in the world, it stands to reason that it is also where you will find a more plentiful supply of index options advisory service providers on offer.

Now we need to decide which index options we prefer to focus on. Here I would suggest, that as far as the advisory aspect goes, you look for information on the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq100 and the S&P500 but as far as your actual trading goes, you turn to the Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) whose portfolio of shares attempts to mimic the indexes. The options are much cheaper here and the open interest is spectacularly higher. Not only that, but whereas the index options themselves are European Style – i.e. cash settled at expiration date and can’t be closed out until then, the ETF’s are like any other stock and trade “American Style”.

Here are your recommended ETF’s:

QQQ – tracks the Nasdaq 100 index

OEX – tracks the S&P100 index

SPY – tracks the S&P500 index

DIA – tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average

IWM – tracks the Russell 2000 index

EEM – tracks the Emerging Markets Index

So How About an Index Options Advisory Service?

There are a number of services available, but one that I have found most useful is the Daily Market Advantage. It not only provides a daily video commentary on the major indexes, but also includes long and short term trade recommendations using more advanced option trading strategies.

The Daily Market Advantage vendors offer a 30 Day Trial of their product for only $9.95. That way, you can get a feel for whether it is for you, without spending too much. If you like the service after the trial period, you simply do nothing and they’ll continue to take your subscription payment monthly. You can even subscribe with Paypal to give you greater control.

Highly recommended!

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