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I think you’ll find this Market Club Review more than interesting. These people really seem to have it all together when it comes to providing traders with the kind of tools which give us that edge in the markets. So whether you’re into stocks and options, foreign currency spot trading or commodity futures, Market Club has some impressive tools that you really should know about. And the best part is – you can give them a no-obligation test drive and receive full membership for only $8.95 for the first month.

Market Club Review – Smart Scan for Trades

Whatever your market preference, Market Club’s SmartScan feature is truly one of the most useful tools their service offers. It is very versatile and you can set your parameters to just about any type of trading style you’re into. There are just so many stocks and options on the US markets that trawling through them all would not only be tedious but enough to give you brain fatigue. SmartScan takes all the hard work out of it. Whether you’re scanning for straddle oppportunities, slow moving stocks for range trading strategies, covered call plays, or simply upward or downward trending stocks that are priming up for a large move, SmartScan will not only provide you the list you want, but also rate them for club review

SmartScan allows you the choice of 24 different scan types. To these, you add your own filters, send out the scan over the 230,000 financial instruments that MarketClub analyzes and you then receive a Chart Analysis Score. This score ranges from +100 which indicates a strong uptrend, to -100 indicating a strong downtrend. In addition to the scan results, you are given a range of 5 “Go Lights”. If lights 4 or 5 are green, a directional trade to the upside is recommended. If red, then you could sell put options for a trend to the downside. I have used this information to make wise and profitable trading decisions. I really like it!

Market Club Review – Powerful Trade Triangle Signals

As the name suggests, this feature of the Market Club membership relies on three converging signals based on a harmony between monthly, weekly and daily chart patterns, using their own proprietary algorithm of weighted factors. If you plan to use the power of leverage that comes with options or futures, the Trade Triangles could be one of your most profitable allies. Green triangles signal an uptrend and … you guessed it, red triangles, a downtrend. Using “daily” charts, a triangle with a little “W” inside it indicates the weekly trend is giving a signal – then you wait for another triangle of the same colour to appear on the daily chart. This confirms a continuation of the trend usually after a short contra-swing.

You can filter the Trade Triangles according to your trading style. So whether you’re a short or long term trader, the system will work for you. The Trade Triangles are not designed to identify reversal patterns but rather, the momentum of a swing trend. Once trends have been identified, you’re then ready to enter your positions.

Market Club Review – Their Streaming Charting Service

One of Market Club’s most attractive features is their live streaming charts. It allows you to create custom charts according to the indicators you are familiar with. You can view the chart history, draw trend lines and add indicators; then you can save the setup so that it will always be available in future. In addition to this, the Trade Triangles also appear on the chart, giving you extra confirmation to help your trading decisions.

The Streaming Charts service allows you to set up any number of watchlists of your favourite securities, apply your own custom settings and then look for confirmation for directional option strategies via the Trade Triangles.

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Market Club Review – Education and Discussion Forums

Once you become a member, you will find a section called the “Trade School”. This contains a wealth of information to educate traders in both basic and advanced trading concepts. Most of this comes in video format which can be downloaded and watched at your leisure, or study books in Acrobat .pdf format. Some of the top trading experts in their respective market fields have contributed toward the production of this information. The value of these seminars alone more than compensates the cost of your membership.

But if you want more up to date information and real time discussions about what is currently happening in the market, the MarketClub stock and forex traders blog might be the place for you. For example, if you’re an index options trader, discussions and commentaries about the future direction of the market as a whole might be of real value to you.

Market Club Review – Blog and Alerts

Part of my Market Club membership includes access to the Traders Blog where you get a Market Club review of the markets daily. One feature of the blog includes MarketClub TV – video presentations from top traders and market commentators, including recommendations and ‘stocks to watch’ etc. If you’re really into the markets, this is one place where you can enjoy that sense of community with other traders.

The final feature we wish to mention is market alerts. You can set a price alert for any stock, index, future, or forex pair that you want and a notification will be sent to your mobile phone or email address. Now here’s an alett scenario which encompasses all the MarketClub tools. You use SmartScan to shortlist a group of stocks that meet your criteria. You then check the Chart Analysis Score for a particular stock and find it ranks at +70. Looking at the chart you can see that if it breaks above a certain point then the rank will rise above +80 and trigger a signal to go long (buy) call options. So let’s say you set your alert for a price above $47.10. The alert is sent, you buy long dated calls (or a debit spread) on the back of a reverse head and shoulder pattern with an expected price peaking out at $67.

It’s all about having the right tools!

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