Nik Halik Review

Nik Halik Review of a Super Trader

Nik Halik founded the Financial Freedom Institute in 2001 as an education vehicle to train and inspire men and women to “sieze the day” and take control of their own financial futures. His foundation platform for achieving this, is the stock market and in particular, option trading. Due to advances in technology, option trading can provide a business opportunity that can be run from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection.

Options are wonderful things because when you understand them, they are such flexible instruments to trade. They require far less capital than share trading and you can make bucketloads more profit. Nik Halik has over 16 years experience as a global stock market investor, who started option trading with only $5,000 borrowed on a credit card … and 5 years ago, was earning an income of over $4,000 per WEEK from option trading alone. Today, he is a multi-millionaire and enjoys a lifestyle that most people only dream of.

Check out this YouTube Video Review of Nik Halik’s Seminars

Success has allowed Nik Halik to afford a number of real life adventures, including descending to the deck of the Titanic and enjoying lunch on it, as well as a journey to the edge of space and astronautical training with the Russian Orbital Space Program, over 65 miles above the earth.

Nik Halik’s flagship product is the Mastery of Stock Market Intelligence. The package includes a two-volume set of very impressive DVD’s, professionally filmed at a major television network studio in Australia, as well as high quality audio CD’s, a 3 volume set of thick manuals and a personalised 1 Day LIVE Trading Experience. I have personally attended a number of Nik Halik seminars and have found them to be an inspiring experience. Nik is a very enthusiastic and charismatic public speaker and you certainly won’t find yourself dozing off.

I have personally traded the way Nik does and can tell you from personal experience that the money is definitely there to be made. I remember my first option trade was in 2002 with AMP. The stock broke out from a “descending triangle” pattern and in two days, I made $1250 on a $2,000 investment. A few years later, I made $14,000 in 3 days, after purchasing WMR call options for 25c and selling them for $2.00. The latter example doesn’t happen every day, but the former, quite often. If you stick to the rules Nik gives you and develop your skill, you will never have to worry about retirement or layoffs again.

Check out this YouTube Video Review of Nik Halik’s Seminars

The Stock Market is not going away. Those who know it’s secrets can expect a lifetime income. If such a prospect interests you, check out Nik Halik’s official website by visiting Nik Halik’s Wealth Super Highway


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