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Planet Wealth and The Amazing Dimitri Strategy

The Planet Wealth main product is what they like to dub “The Amazing Dimitri Strategy”. It’s all about tips on how to “rent out” shares that you already own, as well as “selling insurance on any market”.

The Planet Wealth “rent out shares” idea is usually called in investor terminology, as Covered Calls. The assumption is that you own at least 1,000 shares if you are transacting with the Australian Stock Market, or just 100 shares if you choose to own US Stocks.

A lot of people who have shares are inclined to rely purely on dividends as their revenue stream from these securities. Andrew Dimitri shows you how you can earn additional income by “selling” call options on your shares. By “selling” we actually mean “generating out of nothing” or occasionally called “writing” call options. You create the option contract and sell it to the market and obtain an immediate income. Easy, but you need to know what traps to steer clear of, which is where the Dimitri Strategy comes in.

But the “main event” on the Planet Wealth menu, is how to “sell insurance” to the stock market over shares that you do not even own. In trader lingo, this strategy is referred to as vertical credit spreads. The “insurance” part has that title because the primary focus of their material is on writing put options, that happen to be actually just another form of insurance on stocks.

The key points they outline however, can be used just as effectively for CALL option credit spreads.

There are many advantages to option credit spreads which other kinds of share market trading don’t give you. One of the most attractive features is the ability to correct your position when the deal goes against you. What might normally have been a “losing trade” if you had simply bought call options and the underlying price went against you, can easily be “rolled out” for more income when you have a vertical credit spread strategy in place.

Here’s how Planet Wealth explain their own material:

You’ve heard of buying a property and RENTING it out? Did you know you can do a similar thing with stocks? We’ll show you how we use latest techniques for “RENTING” OUT OUR STOCKS.

  • How we easily replaced our income in 90 to 180 days – without really having to work for it
  • How we generate extra CASHFLOW per month for less than 5 minutes work (it sounds unbelievable, I know, but we will actually show you how we do it)
  • Why we believe getting HIGH returns does not have to mean taking HIGH risks (and why the average person will never understand this without a financial education on risk management)
  • How we minimize the risk of investing in stocks (so that we sleep easy at night – even if our stocks go down……we don’t have to worry!)
  • The incredibly simple way we make money EVEN when the stock prices go down!

…and even more exciting strategies!

  • By SELLING INSURANCE on the stock market, we make considerable monthly profits on stocks we DON’T EVEN OWN!
  • We NEVER need to own these stocks if we choose not to – we just keep getting income from them.
  • The amazing secret where we don’t even have to pick a stock to trade – we can create income from an entire market at once!
  • How we also insure ourselves so we almost never lose any money – we call it the Sleep-At-Night factor.

If you decide to purchase the Planet Wealth downloadable ebook, they also provide you a free “Spreadulator” Excel spreadsheet, which allows you to calculate and monitor your trades using their methods.

They also provide one full year of daily put option closing prices, in spreadsheet form, so that you can backtest the strategy and see how you could’ve made an income even in adverse conditions.

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