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A Wealth Building Options Trading Strategy Using Put Options and Averaging Down Techniques

We’d like to explore a wealth building options trading strategy here, involving the use of put options, in conjunction with your share purchases. You may have heard of a stock portfolio building strategy commonly known as “dollar cost averaging” – well this is better than that. It’s also much more effective in the long run than simply placing stop losses on share purchases, if you’re a trader.

Buying put options provides a form of insurance on stocks you own from a fall in price. You pay a premium of course, in much the same way as you buy insurance on any other significant asset such as a home, and this cost must be offset against the benefit you receive should you need to make a “claim” on your “insurance policy”. But the benefits are well worthwhile, particularly in view of what I am about to reveal.

But first, let’s set a couple of parameters for our wealth building options trading strategy.

Dollar Cost Averaging – How it Works

Dollar cost averaging is a share purchasing strategy which, over time, is designed to lower the average cost of your overall portfolio of a given stock. For example, you might buy 100 shares of XYZ when it is trading at $20. The price subsequently falls to $18 and you purchase another 100 shares. You now own 200 shares but at an average cost of $19 (100 x 20 + 100 x 18)/2.

If you repeat this process regularly, then the idea is that, in the longer term, the average cost of your portfolio will be less than the current market value of the share price, allowing you to take a profit after having received the benefit of dividend income in the meanwhile.

Put Options a Better Alternative

If you have enough capital to invest in shares and your focus is wealth building, option trading can make a sufficient difference to your portfolio value over time. It will not only protect you from losses, but using this strategy will also increase the ultimate number of shares of a given stock that you own.

Let’s say you have $10,000 to invest in the stock market. You purchase 500 shares in XYZ trading at $20 per share.

You also purchase 5 put option contracts expiring next month, at a strike price of $19.50. You’ll notice there is a 50 cents difference here, which means you are prepared to accept a risk of 50 cents times 500 or $250 “paper loss” on your $10,000 investment.

If the share price rises before option expiration date, you will make a gain on the shares, offset against the cost of the put options.

If the share price plummets to say $15 then without put options you would now be looking at a loss “on paper” of $2,500 (500 x $5). However, at option expiration date your $19.50 put options would now be worth $4.50 x 500 which is $2,250.

So here’s what you do. You cash in your put options and USE THAT MONEY to BUY MORE SHARES of the same stock, but now you’re buying them at $15 market price.

Can you see what you have done here? You have not only lowered your average share entry price, but now own more shares in the process. Your wealth is increasing along with the volume of shares you own. This is how this wealth building options trading strategy works.

Using this strategy, in an extreme case you could have even purchased your original shares at the very peak of an uptrend before a price crash and yet, over time, once the share price returns to this original level, your portfolio will be worth many thousands more than if you had only relied on dollar cost averaging.

Options are the only derivative that you can do this with. CFDs and futures have unlimited downside risk which will offset any potential profits from share price rises. While they are a perfect hedging instrument, for wealth building options trading is the only way.

If you would like to know more about this strategy and have all your questions answered, the people at Tradingology have produced a series of downloadable videos called the Trading Pro System which, although primarily focussed on a safe and proven option trading system that brings in a regular monthly income, also includes a series of bonus videos (module 11) which walk you through this wealth building options trading strategy in great detail.

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