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The XTR ProTrader signals and education service by master trader, David Vallieres, would have to be one of the most exciting new services for options traders that I have seen.

David has been trading stocks and options since he was a young man in the 1980s. Later, David did very well in another enterprise and decided to invest his capital in stock market education. Accordingly, he hired one of the top CBOE traders to train him in the advanced techniques that the professionals use, to consistently profit in the options market.

Since then, David has produced a number of training courses, one of which is still very popular and relevant, even though it was produced in 2008. More recently, he released a course about the Three Legged Box strategy, which he claims is one of the best strategies available for retail investors today.

xtr protrader signalsBut his finest work is undoubtedly the more recent XTR ProTrader signals and education membership. The “heart and soul” of the service, is to provide daily updates on what the US markets, primarily the DOW and the S&P500, are about to do, giving members the opportunity to trade them profitably.

These indexes can be traded a number of ways, including DOW e-mini futures, index options, ETF options on the SPY or DIA, or if you have a forex account and trading platform you can spot trade the SPX500 and DOW30 CFDs there.

Until recently, the focus has been primarily on short term trading opportunities, but since mid November 2016 a new feature has been introduced – monthly income trades that take advantage of the one certainty with all options contracts – time decay (theta).

But there’s much more to the membership than signal alerts. Read on to find out what else you get.

=== You can take a test drive of the full membership for just $7 for 21 Days ===

What’s in the XTR ProTrader Membership?

Once you become a member, you’re given access to:

1. Daily Trade Alerts which you can receive via Twitter, text messages to your smart phone, or by email. These include 3 legged box spread alerts, if you choose to add them, plus “private trade ideas” for XTR ProTrader members only.

2. Video Training Courses by David Vallieres – in areas such as binary options trading, option volatility, Inverse Box Spreads,¬† the “option ladders” strategy and the new “Ultimate Profits” course¬† . . . and more.

3. Briefings and signal updates – these are provided at the beginning and end of each trading day. They include a forecast of which way the market is about to go, based on David’s unique spreadsheet method for determining accumulation and distribution in the market. These signals are great for trading index based futures or options, index based CFDs, “in the money” ETF options on the SPY or DIA, or even binary options on the SPX or Dow Jones index.

4. A forum-like “comments” area where all members can have their questions answered by Dave, or contribute to discussion on topics of interest with other members. It’s almost as good as private mentoring and now includes questions and answers on his “Trading as a Business” type trades (see below for more details).

5. Video tutorials on how to find your way around the membership area and get the most from it.

6. Tradingology’s latest training products – for example, David recently released his “Ultimate Profits Trading Course” covering 40 years of research – free to members.

7. Access to over 2 years market comments & updates – this is “the vault” where you can back-test all the forecasts and learn from the commentaries.

8. **NEW** “Monthly Income” Trade Alerts – watch a master trader enter and adjust trade positions on index related ETFs, per the “Trading as a Business” course (also called the “Trading Pro System“) – using signals from XTR. You’ll learn a lot just from just following this alone!


What Makes the XTR ProTrader Service So Special?

Firstly, it uses a system that David calls “chartless trading”. What this means is, that you can confidently predict what the market is about to do without looking at price charts for your analysis.

Interpreting price movement charts can be a rather subjective exercise. What you “see” in the chart may be different to what I see. But this service uses another method of forecasting entirely.

In short, using a spreadsheet, David can tell whether the buyers or the sellers are about to win in the upcoming trading session. Chart analysis and pattern recognition may be subjective, but numbers never lie. The numbers are unbiased, impartial, without emotion and objective – and deadly accurate. So much so, that one trader wrote:

“XTR ProTrader can measure supply and demand in the market like nothing else with uncanny accuracy”.

Having signed up for a monthly membership myself, I can appreciate first hand why the XTR ProTrader signals and education membership has a 98% retention rate.

Trial XTR ProTrader and Enjoy Full Membership Rights – just $7 for 21 Days.

This Video Explains the NEW “Trading as a Business” Style Monthly Income Strategy Alerts


The video below takes you for a tour of the membership site






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